A bunch of reasons to grow lettuce in a pot

A bunch of reasons to grow lettuce in a pot

This is not a new idea, but I finally tried it and now I’m hooked for lots of reasons that I’m going to share with you, because you probably want to try it too.

  1. If I grow lettuce in my garden the slugs get ALL the salad! I don’t hate slugs. (I actually think they are a little bit….cute). But I really, really want to have fresh lettuce that I can pick when I need it. slug I know, you are probably thinking there are “things” you can do about slugs that aren’t even poison. But, to be honest,  I don’t really buy beer (I don’t think slugs like wine), and I’m not fond of picking drowned slug bodies out of a pan of beer.  Pouring salt on them and waiting for them to froth to death is something I can barely even type. So usually I kindly pluck them from my garden and take them to the damp, soft, ferny, woodsy area in back. But it seems that they send back a slug scout that regains the coordinates to the lettuce sprouts. The pot on my porch solves this nicely.
  2. I no longer have that bag or head of lettuce that was mostly eaten, but not finished, turning into slime in the fridge, causing me to have to go get another one. Now I can just go out and pick what I need for that meal. I love it!
  3. Number 2 leaves the possibility of eliminating a trip or two to buy food. When you think you didn’t really have anything planned  for dinner it’s really easy to come up with some kind of salad without having to get in the car…..just add veggies, or a can of tuna, or cottage cheese/peaches to your freshly grown lettuce. You name it. This could even cause a whole fridge scan for things you can use up to put in your salad.
  4. One of the best things about growing a pot of lettuce is that you hardly need any space. If you have a sunny doorstep, balcony or window ledge you can grow your own lettuce.
  5. It’s rather satisfying to accomplish growing something you eat.

baby lettuce packHere’s what you need:

  • A good-sized pot or container. You can grow it in just about anything as long as it has a drainage hole on the bottom
  • Potting soil
  • A pack of lettuce starts or a packet of seeds. Get a mix for more variety.
  • Water
  • That’s it!
  1.  Cover the hole in the pot with something so the dirt doesn’t all wash out. (See my great idea in the “reusing” category).wp-1463095665380.jpg
  2.  Put some soil in the pot to fill about 1/3 full. Set plants on dirt. Fill in around plants with more dirt and pat down so soil line hits the plant the same as it was before. If using seeds just fill with soil, sprinkle seeds on top, barely cover with a little more soil and press down.
  3.  Water and put in a sunny place. For seeds keep them damp until they sprout (use a sprayer to water at first if you have one).

It doesn’t take long for the little wp-1464755039771.jpggreens to grow enough to eat . Just pick what you need and wait for more to grow.  If you plant several bowls in succession, you will always have some at the “eat me” stage.

And there you have it.

And truthfully, I don’t feel bad at all about not sharing with my slimy friends…..they have this….