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Herbal Education – time to follow your path

Herbal Education – time to follow your path

Do you want  to learn more about herbalism and don’t know where to begin? Have you used herbal remedies and would like to deepen your understanding of herbs and have more effective results? Are you seeking a career in teaching, using, growing or selling herbs? If any of these strike a chord with you, now is the time to start learning, because The Herbal Academy has all levels of herbal education. Their variety of classes appeal to new budding herbalists, entrepreneurs and even herbal practitioners.

My Herbal Education Experience

I have personally self-studied and used medicinal herbs for myself and family for years. But it wasn’therbal education until I recently completed the intermediate course with the Herbal Academy that I expanded my knowledge of herbalism. This course brought all I had learned before into a more meaningful understanding of herbs and how to use them effectively.

The course was beautiful and easy to understand. It gave me hands on learning as well as help and support. This was all done from home, and at a pace that worked for me and my schedule. The lessons about the systems of the human body and how herbs work with them helped me immensely. Because of this I am now able to put the herbs I already knew into a better framework for having success when I use them. My formulas and creations are noticeably better now, and work with greater results!

With every lesson I got new recipes for different herbal creations. I made them just Herbal educationthe way they were written, or changed them to suit my needs and ideas. This was fun and I really got to try a lot of things that I may not have ever tried. As I went through the recipes, my ideas were always welcomed and encouraged by support staff, and I always got great feedback from them.

I also  get to keep the course so I ended up printing it and now have it in a binder. It is now a lovely addition to my herbal library that I will refer to often. I have increased my knowledge immensely and I enjoyed the intermediate course so much that I’m considering taking another course!

Head on over and take a look at all there is to offer. You might find just what you are looking for!

Herbal Courses from beginner to advanced

The Herbal Academy is an affiliate website which means I earn a commission when you sign up for their classes through my site at no extra cost to you. So I thank you for registering through my links!  All sites I affiliate with are thoughtfully chosen by me and meet my standards of business and values.

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