Online Course – Herbal Materia Medica

Online Course – Herbal Materia Medica

In pharmacology Materia Medica is the science of drugs, how they are prepared, their properties, uses and effects. It is basically the same in using herbs, but referring instead to plants and herbs. In learning about herbs we realize the importance of collecting and organizing all the information we get for each herb. Accumulation of this information usually includes historical, modern, scientific as well as traditional resources.  If organized properly, your Materia Medica can be used as a tremendous tool in your use of herbs.  So if you are just beginning the path of herbal learning, or you are a seasoned herbalist, your Materia Medica is an important resource that you will build on forever.

 Online Course

The Herbal Academy is now offering an online course that will help you create or add to your Materia Medica. It will help you learn how to fully study one herb at a time, and connect with each herb on a meaningful level. You will also learn how to organize your information and create monographs for herbs, as well as receive guidance in how to research and study.

free online course - materia medica

Included in this course:

  1. 6 thoughtful lessons that will walk you through creating your own materia medica
  2. Free journal pages for download and print
  3. A handy step-by-step guide to completing plant monographs
  4. Helpful study aids, tools, and charts on safety and dosage, researching, plant identification, tea meditation, and more
  5. An extensive list of references to support your research
  6. Activities and tutorials to encourage hands-on experience
  7. Access to the Herbal Academy’s beautiful Student Platform
  8. A badge of completion upon graduation

Then, as a companion offering you have will have Online Course - Herbal Materia Medicathe option to upgrade your registration. The upgrade will include the Herbal Academy’s Materia Medica Journal. This beautifully illustrated journal can accommodate 50 botanical monographs. It also includes reference charts from the course, including plant identification, herbal safety, and researching tips and tricks.

My Materia Medica

This offering has given me a new enthusiasm for my own studies. So I have signed up for the class! Because of my experience with The Herbal Academy’s Intermediate course, I look forward to their beautiful teaching style and quality lessons. Thanks to the Intermediate Course I have a better understanding free online course - materia medicaof so many aspects of herbs and their uses.

As a lover of herbs and their uses, I also realize the importance of having my own personal reference for information.  That is why I think this course can inspire and hopefully bring new ideas to refresh my Materia Medica.

Head over to The Herbal Academy and get started with your course!



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