Crocheted Dresses in my Etsy Shop

Crocheted Dresses in my Etsy Shop

Little Marigold Shop at Etsy

crocheted dresses

I am now putting all my new stuff in my Little Marigold Shop at Etsy!  So I want to be sure you get to see the latest. I am currently adding these darling hand crocheted dresses in sizes that fit a newborn to about a 3 year-old. And when it is too short to be worn as a dress it can easily be worn as a top. My dear little model below is wearing hers with shorts.

Be sure and follow my Etsy shop, because I will be adding more sizes and colors and replacing those that sell. I will more than likely be making these only throughout the summer, so get one now for your little sweetheart. Get one to wear now or grow into, or as a gift for someone else’s wee one!

Stop by my shop to see what dresses are currently available…..and lots more quality handmade things! toddler dresses




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