Crocheted Hearts – making little love tokens

Crocheted Hearts – making little love tokens

These little crocheted hearts are my latest in crochet projects to obsess on.  They are fast, easy, super cute and just in time for Valentine’s Day.  I want to share this how-to with you, because I know that once you get started making them your yarn scraps will soon become multi-colored symbols of love. I like having a stash of them because there are so many things I can do with them.

Here are a few of my ideas:

Put one or two inside your Valentines and love notes.

Add a tiny safety-pin to the back and then wear your heart on your sleeve….or lapel.

Sew one to your favorite beanie. This cute beanie is from my Little Marigold Shop!

Crochet a chain stitch when you’ve finished the heart and make a lovely bookmark.

Leave them around for someone special to find.

What you need:

You don’t need much to start making your own little crocheted hearts. Here’s the short list (affiliate links).

  • crochet hook – basically any size to get started. When you decide how large or small you want your hearts you can change sizes accordingly.
  • yarn – pretty much any yarn will do, especially to just get the hang of making the crocheted hearts. This is a good way to use up scraps! But when you try this you might end up getting serious! So if you want to try a great yarn, my favorite for a smooth, slightly shiny heart is the Knit Picks Shine Sport. This is a cotton/Modal sport weight yarn that you could easily fall in love with…..I did.

Before you start

The following instructions are my version of making the crocheted hearts. I like this way because it makes a pointy point. There are many other ways to make them, some with slight variations and some completely different. You can follow these instructions to get the hang of it, but by all means do it the way you like best! I have included links to a couple of tutorials that have great photos for those who do better with pictures. The patterns are slightly different from mine, so do whatever is easiest for you!

Here are the stitches used and their abbreviations:

  • mc=magic circle
  • ch=chain
  • dc=double crochet
  • hdc=half double crochet
  • tr=triple crochet
  • sl st=slip stitch

The Very Quick Instructions

  1. mc, ch 3
  2. Into magic circle: 2 dc, 3 hdc, 1 tr; 3 hdc, 2 dc
  3. ch 3, sl st into mc
  4. draw up circle, tie off

That’s it! If you need help with how to make a magic circle, or any of the stitches, check out the tutorials below.


  • This one is from the Red Heart website and is an actual PDF. It starts with a chain circle.
  • This one is from Craftaholics Anonymous. It starts with a magic circle

Using different sized hooks and different weight yarn will give you different sizes. Once get the hang of crocheting these little Valentines, and you end up with stacks of sweethearts, you’ll find that half the fun is thinking of what to do with them.

I would love to hear in the comments what you do with yours. Or even put a photo on Instagram and add #everythinghearts so we can see your ideas!


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