Simple Cottonwood Bud Salve


The cottonwood buds in this salve make it a useful assistant for a variety of ailments. Cottonwood buds, sometimes referred to as “Balm of Gilead” have been used medicinally for centuries and for good reason, and here is why:

  • The buds contain a compound called salicin which makes it an excellent anti-inflammatory for aches and pains.
  • They are high in antioxidants and are extremely helpful in restoring damaged skin.
  • They are also antiseptic which is also helpful in skin issues.
  • The scent is wild and fragrant, so using this salve as a muscle rub or a skin soother is an undeniable delight.

I have another All Purpose Salve that contains cottonwood with other herbal ingredients, but wanted to offer a new salve with the pure simplicity of just cottonwood buds for the Balm of Gilead lovers.

I wild harvest my cottonwood buds in late winter from branches that have fallen during storms. I will be making more, but when I run out of the oil there it will be gone until next year!

*Those who are allergic to aspirin should avoid plants or trees with salicylic acid, such as cottonwood and willow. *Do no use on open wounds

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Simple Cottonwood Bud Salve

  • 2 oz. tin
  • contains cottonwood bud infused olive oil, beeswax
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